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Twin Turbo S-10

The S10 is a twin turbo 414 cubic inch Dart little M powered machine that should be ready by mid season 08. The car features a Chris Alston rear ladder bar set-up running true 10.5 in tires. The car is managed by a programmable EFI system and has two T4 62-1 Turbonetics turbos. The charge air will be cooled by a very large water to air intercooler, the water tank has a submersible pump built into the tank with baffling for ice. In addition, the intercooler also has a custom heat exchanger built into the back of the bed that will be used when on street duty and bypassed in favor of ice in the water tank when we go to the track. The power should be just at 1000 crank horses with around 850 of that making it to the wheels the car should be able to run in the high 8 second zone once we have some testing and chassis tuning under our belt.

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